Our Dutch innovating character
Companies in The Netherlands are known worldwide for their innovations in technique and design. The Design Department fits that picture perfectly. Our production site enables us to develop new printing techniques. Many of our innovative developments have later been followed by others, we see this as a recognition of the quality and distinctiveness of our wallpapers.


Design, marketing, production, distribution,…
D.Dept. covers it all


Our own creative designers
Our designers feed their inspiration by visiting exhibitions, shops and seminars in London, Paris, New York and other places all over the world. They discover the leading trends in colour and design for fashion and interior decoration at the earliest stage. On top of that each of them has their own creative skills to develop designs and collections for every conceivable atmosphere.


Our contemporary factory
Our machines are operated by a professional well-skilled team of printers and colour mixers, all involved in our company for many years. This in combination with our open business structure means we can guarantee high flexibility with short production runs, short lead times and fast deliveries. On top of that our production staff is used to working with the high demands of designers: for us a colour or special effect is ‘never almost’ right but always exactly how it was intended by the designer.






Experience results in high quality

The setting of our factory gives us full control over the quality of the products. With the use of quality materials, attention to detail and a touch of real craftsmanship we can guarantee wallcoverings that will fulfil your highest expectations.


Like artists we create – drop by drop –

the perfect colour.


The art of colour
There is a good reason why The Design Department is recognized for its expertise in colour. We feel that some things just can’t be done by machines. That’s why for colouring we trust the skills and judgment of our experienced staff. We don’t use standard colours but we mix – drop by drop – that specific colour that matches the design perfectly.  Just like an artist creating colours for his blank canvas.



We offer a complete service and support to distributors and converters to develop high-quality wallcoverings. We are dedicated to work together with you throughout the entire production process and if required our designers can counsel you in the development of your own collection. One thing is certain: with our extensive experiences we can ensure you that your ideas are in good hands.





With respect for nature

Our commitment to nature is reflected in our production: all our products are environmentally friendly and sustainable. For most of our products we use FSC®-certified paper from sustainable forestry and environmental friendly water-based inks. On top of that we have a closed recycling system.

Ask for our certified products. We are certified under licence number: FSC®-C016391

We work with respect for nature and

integrity is key in every collaboration.


Professionalism on a personal level

Integrity is key in all our relationships, whether it’s with our customers, Private Label partners, colleagues or suppliers. As trust and trustworthiness go hand in hand, we set integrity, honesty and open communication as standards for every collaboration.