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Superior Dutch design

Over the years, Origin® has established itself as a leading brand in the field of high-end, luxury wall coverings for both residential and contract environments. The distinctive Origin® look; luxurious, rich and warm, has been the basis for the successful collections. All Origin® products are designed by our Dutch design team. The products breath a rich and warm feel, blending traditional themes with a modern look and more modern themes with a more traditional look. The Origin® design team travels throughout the world to pick up the latest trends in design and fashion, blending these trends in their new collections.


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Superior quality
All Origin® products are manufactured on heavy non-wovens and heavy vinyls conform to the highest quality standards. This assures a perfect and lasting decoration result and makes the Origin® wall coverings suitable for most applications both in residential and in professional environments such as hotels, restaurants, offices and other high traffic areas.
Finest handcrafted surface printed wall coverings
Origin® cherish its own production site in The Netherlands where wallcoverings are still produced according to the standards of traditional surface print. The traditional surface print technique is a chalk based printing technique, giving the products their very natural and matt look. All Origin® handcrafted surface printed wall coverings are printed on a 100% non woven backing. This assures flawless hanging qualities of the product.




 Make yourself at home! behang, meidenkamer, #FAB, wallpaper


The easy way to match trendy products is the brand for families who want their homes to be trendy but also warm and cozy. The collections of offer a complete concept of matching products: wallpaper, curtain fabrics, bed linen and accessories. This way you decorate your home according to your own taste.


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Made in Holland

All the products are designed by our own designers and stylists in the Netherlands. You recognize the ESTA feeling (trendy, warm, colourful and cosy) immediately. Dutch design is very popular also outside the Netherlands. You can find in stores in Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo and many other cities. With products you can rest assured that your interior will have a trendy look of the latest fashion.


We care for nature

We think it is important to help build a better world. Therefore our products meet the highest requirements for ecologically responsible manufacturing. For instance for the production of our wallpaper we only use paper from sustainable forests and our cotton is 100% chemical free.